As soon as you move into Eleven Decks, you can cancel your gym membership. Hit the in-house gym and start your workout on the brand-new kinetic training wall from Techno Gym or on the rowing machine, or move your run to the treadmill when the weather isn’t playing ball.

If you prefer to take it easy, the yoga room overlooking the courtyard is sure to help you relax and find inner peace in no time.


There are many good reasons not to just fall asleep on the couch every night. The Club House is one of them. With its large kitchen, long table and several small, more private seating areas, it is the perfect venue for a cosy and jovial gettogether with neighbours or friends. During a subsequent game of pool, you’ll enjoy more great conversations and time will fly by.

What’s the old adage – business before pleasure? No way! In the stylish and well-equipped Office Lounge, work is suddenly fun again. A large conference table with TV and several think tanks provide optimal working conditions. Your coffee supply is also covered. At Eleven Decks, you finally have a home working space that allows you to be really productive.


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